I have B- blood. Who cares, right? I discovered this during the course of my first pregnancy but knew very little about blood typing other than what I learned in elementary Science classes. Admittedly, it was difficult to absorb science instruction while staring out the window or while slipping notes to friends, and what little I did learn, not used, was quickly forgotten. Recently, I came across something online that jarred those long forgotten science lessons from long term memory into short: the negative or positive in a blood type refers to the Rh factor. We’ll say someone is then, either Rh positive or negative. But what does this Rh represent? It represents Rhesus; that’s Rhesus, as in Rhesus monkey, people. In short, people whose blood tests Rh positive, share the same protein/DNA with the Rhesus monkey. They are descended from the monkey. And conversely, people’s whose blood tests Rh negative, do not have any Rhesus monkey DNA. If Rh negative people do not come from monkeys, then where do they come from and how does science account for this anomaly? Science doesn’t account for it and can’t…at least, not yet.

One theory, in fact, the only theory is that when the Rhesus gene was passed on, it failed to copy and was dropped from the evolutionary parade, never to be seen again in the 15% of the population who are Rh-. This sounds like a viable explanation until one takes into account the problem of reproduction. An Rh negative mother’s blood will destroy her baby as a foreign substance in utero, rejecting the fetus as if it literally were another species. Nowhere else is this seen on Earth among reproducing life forms. Different species such as horses and donkeys can reproduce with each other without such disastrous effects to their fetuses, but their resultant offspring, the mule, is unable to reproduce. This is the only other similar example on the planet but still isn’t enough to serve as an accurate comparison. Is the human Rh- mother’s blood rejecting the fetus because it very simply is a different species from herself: of monkey lineage, when she is not? Have two similar but divergent life forms/species coexisted on the planet, unaware of each other’s genetic heritage for eons? This is what the Rh factor difference appears to indicate. Interestingly, Rh- people share many of the following characteristics. I happen to have all of them:

Low blood pressure, Reddish/light brown hair – blue or green eyes, High IQ, Lower body temperature, Intolerance to alcohol, Interference with electrical energy (I cannot wear an analog watch. It will stop keeping accurate time after a few days, then cease to work).

Metaphysicists are having a heyday with this Rh factor riddle. Some claim Erich von Däniken’s Chariot’s of The God’s already outlined this scenario, postulating that space men impregnated humans and then left them to populate the Earth. Some quote that enigmatic passage from Genesis 6:1-4 where the ‘Son’s of God’ impregnated the ‘daughters of men’. Some, like me, still sit and ponder. While others have been opening gifts and celebrating the New Year, I’ve been researching and wondering. Still, it is good to know that I am not a monkey, thank you very much. They sure are darn cute, though! Much cuter than space men.

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